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Successful Events Start with Us
I Bike Saigon can provide a wide range of arrangement for incentive travel programs, meeting planning – special events and team building:

Successful Events Start with Us
I Bike Saigon can provide a wide range of arrangement for incentive travel programs, meeting planning – special events and team building:

Incentive Travel Program
Great performers work to achieve great incentive rewards, period. Countless studies show that travel is the top reward choice of incentive winners. A well designed and run incentive travel program is one of the most effective ways to reward great performers, and encourage others to reach that ”greatness”level.

Many companies report a Return On Investment of over 18% on their incentive travel expenses. What kinds of companies benefit from incentive travel programs?

  • Insurance companies
  • Technology companies
  • Medical Services
  • Auto Manufacturers & Dealers
  • Computer software and services
  • Builders and Building materials
  • Distribution companies

In short, any company that wishes to increase sales and productivity can benefit from an incentive travel program.

Is incentive travel for sales organizations only? Incentive travel has also proven successful in the following types of non-sales programs:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve overall productivity
  • Attract qualified applicants – one of our clients uses Adventure travel certificates as sign-on bonuses.
  • Service and improvement awards

Meeting Planning and Special Events
We all know they are important, but we also know that many employees regard meetings as a necessary evil, or a great way to get out of the office for a few days.

So how can you increase the interest in your programs? Try this formula:

  • Start with the basics of proper organization and management.
  • Then add excitement, creativity, and fun.

I Bike Saigon meeting planning and special events group combines the traditional aspects and attention to details that business meetings require, with exciting on and off-site adventures within your meeting agenda.

Whether you’re interested in spicing up that meeting with a half-day of whitewater rafting or capping it off with a weekend culinary tour, I Bike Saigon is uniquely equipped to design a schedule of activities suited for your meeting planning or special events needs.

Let us tailor a program that both you and your employees will fondly remember until…well, until it’s time to do it again next year. I Bike Saigon meeting planning & management services:

  • Destination selection
  • Property selection
  • Activity selection and management
  • Hotel negotiation: Room, Food and Beverage, Transportation
  • Meeting set-up and management
  • Online reservations capability
  • Professional on-site staffing
  • All vendor negotiations and billing
  • Video conferencing
  • Complete budget management
  • Post event reporting

Examples of meeting planning and special events:

  • Arranging a series of adventure events at major retail locations throughout the country in conjunction with a national consumer product promotion.
  • Setting up a five-day meeting centered around a road rally between major European cities.
  • Creating meeting space complete with generator powered av equipment in the African Bush.
  • Creating a city and desert “adventure race” to add variety to a series of meetings in Grand Canyon or Las Vegas.

Team Building
An effective team can produce results greater than the sum of its parts. We all recognize that the traditional workplace is undergoing a transformation. Our workday is getting longer, and our time away from work is getting shorter. Add to this the increased pressures of individual achievement expectations and staff can easily slip from cooperation to competition or even confrontation. Successful organizations are characterized by effective teamwork and leadership, rather than management.

I Bike Saigon is committed to helping you create results driven, high performance teams as well as effective, enlightened leaders.

Every group of people is different, and every member of your team is also an individual. We believe team building courses must be specifically tailored for each group, targeting your goals. As such, we do not keep a “catalog” of events. Every program we manage is custom created, and your program manager goes through each step prior to your group’s arrival. I Bike Saigon can support with:

  • Setting your goals and priorities
  • Program design
  • Site and activity selection
  • Program management
  • Safety management
  • Post program reporting and analysis
  • Complete budget management

Our team building events take place:

  • On city streets
  • In the African bush
  • On the rapids in canoes or rafts
  • On beaches and deserted islands
  • In the jungle, and in the woods
  • On sailboats

Actually, anywhere, based on your needs.

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