Insurance Policy

Insurance policy for foreigner travelling in Vietnam
1. Product name Domestic tourist insurance
2. Business code IL
3. Subjects covered Human
4. The insured person Tourists on vacation, swimming, climbing or staying at hotels and guest houses within the territory of Vietnam
5. Coverage Death, bodily injury due to accident. Death due to illness, unexpected illness during the insurance period. Death or bodily injury caused by the insured person acts to save people, save the property of the State, the people and participate in combating illegal acts.
6. Not covered by insurance
  1. The insured deliberately violates: law, rules of travel agencies, local authorities.
  2. Intentional actions of the insured, the lawful heir.
  3. Affected by alcohol, beer, drugs or other similar stimulants.
  4. Treatment or use of drugs not according to Y, treating doctors.
  5. War.
7. Insurance exclusions
  1. In case of accident: Death due to an accident under the insurance will pay the full amount stated in the insurance contract or insurance certificate. Accident injury due to insurance payments.
  2. In case of illness, illness: Death due to illness and illness under the insurance coverage pays 50% of the amount stated in the insurance contract.
8. Term of insurance
  1. Trip insurance: Effective from the start of the tour and ends when the tour is completed by the time and at the place indicated in the contract.
  2. Insurance at the hotel: Effective from the time the insured completed the check-in procedure at the hotel until 12 o’clock on the end of the insurance stated in the insurance certificate.
  3. Point insurance: Effective from the time when the insured person passes the ticket control door to enter the resort and ends as soon as the door is in control of that ticket.